Sunday, 14 January 2018

A new service, with JIO, will only benefit from geo users

Reliance Jio announced the web version of its content platform Geosynema. Now Geo launched a web version of Geo TV, its second content platform, without any clutter.

The web version interface matches GeoTV's interface for Android. Here the line of the channel is displayed in a basic interface. Together, users can also toggle between SD and HD channels. To enjoy the web version of DiTV, users will have to give the details of the Geo account. Only Gio 4G SIM card users can enjoy this service for enjoying.
The last 7 days of content can also be seen by Geo TV. Among the Indian telecom operators, Reliance Geo is the big name for GeoTV service. Currently there are more than 550 channels in Geo TV.

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