Friday, 12 January 2018

AICTE will introduce a common model course in degree engineering: It is easy for a student to pass

Currently, different courses are taught in various technical universities of the country for students of degree engineering. Apart from this, the examination passing system is also different in every university.

But nowadays, a common model course will be implemented by AICTE in degree engineering and PG engineering for nationwide universities, through which it will be easier for the student to pass.

According to AICTE Vice Chancellor MPPunia, a common curriculum has been prepared for students of degree engineering by AICTE and soon will be launched by the Central Government. On January 24, the Central Government is planning to launch Common Curriculum.

The common curriculum is likely to be applied even from the next academic year. The chairman of the ICTE said that the Common Curriculum, a model curriculum prepared by AICTE, is that every university It is not completely compulsory for the university. But the university will have to adopt 80% of the courses.

While the remaining 20 percent of the courses can be decided by the university itself, this common model curriculum is designed in such a manner that the students do not have any extra burden during the course and they can pass BEE easily.

Apart from this, some common passing standards have also been prepared by AICTE. As per the common curriculum, the student will have 160 credits instead of 260. In this Common Curriculum, students will get content in both English and Hindi languages.

Professor trained will now be able to teach in engineering college
At present, when hapless teachers are recruited by private colleges, when they are recruited by the Central Government's MHRD, they are going to launch the National Teachers Training Policy by AICTE, to bring quality education in engineering. Under this, a trained professor can now be taught in government or private colleges.

AICTE Vice Chairman MP Poonia said that on January 24, the MHRD will be conducting a teacher training policy for a professor in the degree engineering colleges of the country.

Under this policy, 8 training modules have been prepared for candidates passing by AICTE. As soon as training in BED is taught, this modular professor will be trained in how to teach in Engineering College.

There will be 8 different modules including ICT, Communication, Paper Setting, Paper Checking and Teaching Skills and which will be taught in 6 months. Under this policy, 30-30 professors will be trained under the policy.

One year's total training will be Teacher's training for 6 months and then there will be a practicing training under senior professor in college who will be recruited for 6 months. Only after one year's probation period, he can be permanently appointed as a lecturer. Any government or private college For now, it will be compulsory for a trained professor to take this training.
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