Saturday, 27 January 2018


In India, the Gram Panchayat system took place from the ancient times. It is the administration of the rural area. People of the rural area are self-efficient and self-contained because Gram Panchayat is an integral part of the Rural management

In Gram Panchayat, there is five or more people representative, and they are selected and elected by the rural populations. A pinch could remove if people so liked.

The central head of the Gram Panchayat is Chief Sarpanch, Mukhiya. In a meeting of the Gram Panchayat, He presides all decision on particular topic and problems of the rural people.
The Gram Panchayat is entirely responsible for administrating the rural society and development of the village. The council of Panchas are more accountable to take the decision for the elaboration of the rural community.
The council of the five people are more officials, which constitute in the Panchayat and represent all the major sections of rural society.
They always favour for the Justice of people and not take any wrong decision for innocent people.
They ruled over the dispute to make good administrative society.
They punished that guilty person and looked after the welfare of the citizens.
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