Monday, 15 January 2018

Deleting more than 1000 Spyware Playstore, if you have downloaded these apps for the first time

If you think you have downloaded apps from the Google Play Store and are safe then this is very important for you. Let us tell you that more than 1000 malware apps have been uploaded to any third party app store and Google Play Store, which keeps track of the smallest activity being performed by users on mobile devices.

With this, you can also make calls with user devices. Dubbed SonicSpy is spreading fast in this sprawling Android app store. It is also showing a messaging app and it also offers messaging service.

SonicSpy can affect the device

In addition to providing messaging app services, this spyware also performs some espionage work. Such as recording your calls through a microphone, hijacking device's cameras and photos, making calls without sending them to devices, and sending messages. In addition SonicSpy also stole the user's information. This user is able to hack call logs, contacts and personal information too. The user's location can be easily tracked.

This spyware mobile security firm has been created by lookout researchers. Researchers have created three versions of the messaging app influenced by SonicSpy malware, which has been downloaded from the Google Play store in thousands of users. However, Google has now removed Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat from the Playstore. But with the use of SonicSpy these apps are still available at other third party app stores. So downloading an app from outside the playstore is not right for you.
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