Sunday, 21 January 2018

Gujarat government has made a big order for the fixed payers, know details

Ahmedabad: The General Administration Department has ordered the promotion of class-3 employees in all the departments of Gujarat Government, the fixed payers of the districts. This led to the delight of class-3 employees.
For those, senior citizens will be included in five years or three years of fi nancial year. Which will be referred to as a trial period.
There is a shortage of senior employees to manage the management of the top cadres in the government system. Therefore, it was found that senior lists were being prepared in order to speed up the promotion process in feeder cadres.
In the General Administration Department, the date of joining the government salaries and the merit obtained in the competitive examination by the signature of the Vice President Bharat Trivedi, the number of employees who have been nominated by the salary has been suggested in order to set up Seniority Syritryram.
Under the fixation policy of the Finance Department of the year 2006 and has been appointed in the year 2012 or earlier in the batch.

The department heads will have to send proposals for promotions by determining the progress of their duration, along with the completion of the duration of their working period.
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