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(CSC)  are multiple-services-single-point model for providing facilities for multiple transactions at a single geographical location. The main purpose of these centres is to provide a physical facility for delivery of e-Services of the Government of India to the rural and remote locations where availability of computers and Internet is currently negligible or mostly absent. The introduction of eGovernance on a massive scale is part of the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the UPA-II (2009-2014) government of India. The CSC project, which forms a strategic component of the National eGovernance Plan was approved in September 2006. It is also one of the approved projects under the Integrated Mission Mode Projects of the National eGovernance Plan

Officially, the objectives of the CSC have been stated as follows:
Access to information : all remote/ rural citizens
Delivery of public services – G2C & B2C
ICT for rural Empowerment of socially disadvantaged people for inclusive growth
Access to quality education / skill upgradation
Access to cost efficient & quality health services
CSC as a change agent - To promote rural entrepreneurship, enable community participation and effect collective action for social improvement[2]
Through collaborative framework, the objective of CSC is to integrate the twin goals of profit making and social services, into a sustainable business model for achieving rapid socio-economic change in rural India
official Website Of GOvernment for Oepning Sommon Service CEnter
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