Monday, 15 January 2018

Supreme Court gives a special order on fees for private schools in Gujarat, know details

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Gandhinagar: In order to control the fee of the private schools of the state, the school administrators have been relieved from the Supreme Court for implementing the law of regulation of the government of Gujarat. The Supreme Court has ordered an interim order that the Government of Gujarat can not take any action for two weeks in relation to the implementation of this lawThe Supreme Court has also given notice to the Gujarat government and the next hearing on February 1. There is an interim relief to the school administrators with the order that can not take any action against the administrators of the private schools of Gujarat Government on the next hearing on February 1.
F.A.C. for 2 private self-financed schools of Gujarat The High Court has allowed the fee regulation law to provide educational fees in the prescribed time limit as determined by the Committee. The Gujarat High Court gave a clear ruling in the fate of state government, 2, 2, and it has challenged the school management associations in the Supreme Court.Hearing this petition, the Supreme Court has given interim relief to the school administrators for fifteen days. The state government has also announced a two-quota of caveat in the Supreme Court for its immediate implementation after the completion of the High Court's approval.
Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that according to the provisions of the second Act, the provisions of the second Act, 2017-18, which will be implemented by the school, will be dealt with urgently.
The meeting of District Education Officers and District Primary Education Officers was held in Gandhinagar under the chairmanship of education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama in order to provide 2 guidance to private organizations, according to the provision of private schools, according to this law.
In this meeting, it was stated that the fees charged by the fees set by the committee will be more than the fees charged by any school, if it has been levied by a school, it will be available only from the academic session of 2017-18 i.e. in the current academic session, the fees received by the school administrators will be 2 to 2 cents.

Chaudasamma said that school teachers have been given the opportunity to get a reasonable 5 per cent of the existing fees, so that the school administrators are not unfairly treated. Simultaneously, the injustice done by a school administrator will not be tolerated by charging a fee. However, due to the Supreme Court order this case seems to be going back to the legal battle.
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