Monday, 15 January 2018

The government's new plan, now the internet and debit-credit card payments will be without

After the Government of India's government plan, the logo continues to be used more effectively. To reduce this use, the government will come up with a new technology. To make payments under this technology, debit-credit cards, internet and smartphones will not be required.
Call to pay technology:
The government is planning to take a call to pay technology. Under this, customers can also make online payments from non-smartphone feature phones. There is no need for internet for this. Currently, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology officials said that after 6 months, its trial will be started in some districts of the country. On successful trials, this facility will be available in the country next year.
This plan and technique under NPCI is still underway. However, the ongoing search on this technique is in the last phase. According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, customers will not need smartphones, debit cards, credit cards, QR codes, internet or any app in the future to make payment. However, clarity has not yet been made to make the technique work. Detailed information will be provided on the technical basis. The ministry has not yet clarified about which region and the bank will be traced together. However, investigation is underway on security.
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