Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Reserve Bank has taken a 10-rupee coin, a big disclosure

New Delhi: Reserve Bank has made a big announcement on Wednesday, taking the 10-rupee coin. Considering the complaint of not taking coins of 10 rupees of some traders, the Reserve Bank today said that all 14 designated coins of Rs 10 are in the legal currency.
dfdfg The Reserve Bank said that due to genuine duplicate confusion, people and traders are refusing to accept coins of 10 rupees on many places. RBI only imports the coins that are levied in the government mint.
RBI said that this coin has different features so that it can display various aspects of economic, social and cultural values ​​and the coins have been issued at different times.
The country's central bank said, "So far, 14 different designs with 10 different designs have been issued. All these coins are valid and are acceptable for the transaction. RBI has also ordered all banks to accept coins in their branches.
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