Sunday, 14 January 2018

The transfer can be made without giving an account number in just 6 seconds

Now you will not be required to give any bank account number or IFSC code to send money. You can send money to your account from the support number. Many banks have started this service too. To avail this service, there is a need to connect with the bank account base.
This facility can be obtained by the UPI App of the banks. In the UPI app you only have to send the support number and information about how much money you have to send in the account. In which account, how much money has gone through the basis of the USSD code (* 99 * 99 * 1 ) can be known. The phone number will be asked for dialing the code. The name of the bank will come along with the number but the account will not be known.
This process will also get rid of many scars. You do not have to give a bank account, IFSC code. The time spent in digitally registering the bank account will also survive. 50 thousand paisa per day can be sent from one bank account, whereas money will be transferred from the support number in 6 to 7 secs.

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