Sunday, 21 January 2018

This App will help unemployed find a job

The chat-based mobile app 'Amphilia' has been launched to help find a job. In this mobile app, people and employers seeking job will have a second count of conversations and candidates can easily interview.

This is the first app that will have some seconds of conversation between employers and job seekers, and no office is required for that. This process can easily give any interviews. Through this process, the H.AR section will also get a lot of facilities. They do not need mail and documentation without needing them and neither will they waste time.
Empel's chairman, Akash Atre, revealed that we felt that there would be revolutionary changes in the process of communication between people and employers looking for jobs.
This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Viewing and downloading all profiles by mail becomes similar to headache for HR department, this application can be done without downloading the applicant's profile. The candidates will also be able to see the applications seen in this app and the candidates selected for the review and the list of selected candidates for the interview.
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