Sunday, 21 January 2018

Viva v1 feature phone with 1.44 inch display launched in India at just Rs349

The Viva company has launched its mobile phone in India, which has been priced at Rs. 349. This mobile phone has a 650mAh battery.

If you are thinking of getting a good battery backup mobile phone, you will get this mobile phone at a very good and cheap price.

The company has been claiming that it will run for 15 days after charging this mobile one time.

The viva phone is the second cheapest mobile phone in India, which does not require charging for 15 days after the phone is charged.

– The phone has a 1.44 inch monochrome display.
-The mobile has an alphanumeric keypad.
– In this phone, Hindi language is also offered with English.
– This phone supports single simcard. Through which 2G can be calling.
– The phone has 32 MB RAM.

 This mobile phone with a value of 349, along with other features like FM, Torchlight, Phonebook, Calculator, Calendar, is also provided.
The phone looks a little bit like a 10 * 4.4 * 1.9 cm display.
– 1 year warranty with this phone is also provided.
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