Tuesday, 16 January 2018

VIVO launches service in India; Bumper advantage will be available for buying mobile for three days

To increase its presence in the online market, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo launched its e-store in India on Monday 15th January, which will supply products and services across the country.
Vieu India's chief marketing officer Kenny Jang said in a statement: "With the new e-store, Vivo's new range of smartphones will be available to customers across our country with special launch offers."
About this, the company said that Vivo's innovative smartphone will be available in 10,000 postal services across the country. The company also announced that under the 'launch carnival' it will give special discounts on smartphones on 16-18 January.

Buyers will get a one time replacement discount coupon of up to Rs 2,000, zero cost of 12 months and VOV7 and V7 plus smartphones on selected smartphones during this period.
The company is also planning to launch its e-store application, which will have the option of enhanced reality (AR) supported live chat, so that customers can help in buying decisions.
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