Friday, 2 February 2018

Are you shopping online or ...? So read this requirement

Diwali is going on floors. If you are accepting the online payment option after online shopping after online shopping, then it is important to take caution in some matters.

- Online pamphlet only from a secure website

- The website "Http" written "Https" is a more secure website.

- You should take special care to keep your website from visiting other websites when panning online.

- It is safer to use virtual keyboard when placing a password, card number, or CVV code when paying an online deposit.

- It often happens that some hackers steal the money collected by online hackers by using the logging tools, then it is important to take special care to avoid any such event.

- When many websites offer a discount coupon when buying anybody, special care should be taken while using a discount coupon.

- Many sellers are offering coupons or e-mails on the purchase of the product of the product, while loneliness should be taken care of when using any coupons, it should be seen that no financial information is lost in the hands of some strangers.
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