Friday, 2 February 2018

Do you have life insurance ...? So read this requirement

When life insurance started in the Indian market, many companies suffered a lot, but as people became aware of life insurance issues, people started adopting the Life Insurance Policy. Because everybody needs special life insurance in today's world.

The Government of India's life insurance company LIC also has a lot of confidence in people as well as other insurers in the market, while today there are more than 20 life insurance companies in India which have a large number of customers.

In a recent report released in August this year, the insurance company has earned more premium. Rallah premium, which is available from the new business of life insurance companies, grew 22.6% in August this year. In August this year, Rs 17,513.44 crore was spent. Has been. This figure was Rs 14,282.45 crore last year. Was there.

According to the report released by The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), life insurance company Life Insurance Company (LIC), working under the supervision of Government of India, has increased its premium by about 25% This amount is Rs 13,382.30 crore Has been. In August last year, the figure was Rs 10,713.55 crore. The premium of personal life insurance companies increased by 15.8% to Rs 4,131.15 crore in August. Is going. This amounted to Rs 3,568.90 crore in the same period last year. Was there.
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