Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Every Five Years Will Be Doubled, A Fund Of 3 Crore, With A Monthly Investment Of Rs 5,000

Every five years will be doubled, a fund of 3 crore, with a monthly investment of Rs 5,000
If you invest for a long period, after 5 years, your money will be doubled every fifth year. It will be a power of compounding power. Compounding means. Compounding means that the returns on your investment are added every year to your original investment and your returns increase annually. This makes your money faster. Because of the power of compound you can make a fund of Rs. 3 crore every month by investing Rs. 5,000 per month in Systematic Investment Plan.
How will your fund double every 5 years?
If you stop in Rs.5000 SIP per month and if you believe that you get an annual return of 12%, your investment will be double or more after 5 years.
Year -  Total Rs.
3  - 2,15,364
5  - 4,08,348
10 - 11,50,193
15 - 24,97,900
20 - 49,46,277
25 - 93,94,233
30 - 1,74,74,821
35 - 3,21,54,797
Note: In this calculation, the estimated return is estimated to be 12 percent.
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