Tuesday, 13 February 2018

LED bulb will get high-speed internet, 10 GB per second speed

LED bulb will get high-speed internet, 10 GB per second speed

So far, you had to spend a lot of money on the 4G internet data reorder but soon you will get high-speed internet data from Wi-Fi or broadband with LED bulb. Although you may not be convinced, but recently working on a project, the Information and Technology Ministry has successfully tested this technique. This new technology has been named the Lai-Fi technology.

According to media reports, this technology can transfer data from 10 GB per second speed in one kilometer area. Internet data on LED technology can be easily reached across the country.

A person associated with the project said that in the coming days, the Lai-Fi technology will be very effective in smart cities. There will be more users in place of other illusions, in this case there will be more need of internet and speed, which can be accomplished through this technique.

The Indian Institute of Science wants to use this project in Bengaluru. At present, IIT Madras and Philips jointly work on this project.
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