Sunday, 4 February 2018

Liquid gas will now get only Rs. In 350 .... !

The poor take the gas connection, but after that they get a financial difficulty in getting the second gas bottle. This is one of the big problems of the celebrated plan. 14.2 kg gas bottles worth Delhi 783 This price is unbearable for the poor. The government has reduced the supply of two bottles of 5 to 5 kg of bottle space for 14.2 kg of bottle space. The plan will be realistic in the near future.

The price of five kilograms of gas bottles will also be lower. The price of 5 kg bottles is only Rs. 350 will be the same. This price is also affordable to the poor. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) chairman Sanjeev Singh said that the scheme will be implemented at some select locations. The second problem is security-priced. Security charges for big bottles The Central Government gives a grant of 1,250. Two small bottles of Rs. Talking to the government about this is going to be 1600.

A common family with gas connections takes 7.6 bottles a year, while Ujjwal's consumer receives only 3.8% of the new bottles. It may increase due to the introduction of small bottles. Under the Ujjwala scheme, there are currently 3.30 crore gas connections. This includes 44% Scheduled Castes and Tribe.
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