Monday, 5 February 2018

Low Internet Speed ​​will also enjoy online video YouTube Go App

Google is specially focusing on its Data Friedly Go App. The YouTube Go App was created especially considering India, but now it can be used by people from many countries. This app has now been made available to more than 130 countries. The special thing is that even though the speed of the internet is slow, you can easily search and watch the video without any hindrance. This app feature works even faster on the phone.
The Youtube GoApS size is less than 10 MB and it also works in phones with less than 1 GB of RAM. Less than 40 percent of this app is used in this app. It can be installed in all Android phones. This app also works on the older Android version jellybean. Google has developed this app considering new internet users.
Google has also launched some new features in the YouTube Go App. Users can now view high-quality video downloads or even stream, as well as users can share multiple videos at once.
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