Friday, 9 February 2018

Process: Make 5 rupees and aluminum foil. Emergency phone charge

Process: Make 5 rupees and aluminum foil. Emergency phone charge

There are several ways to charge a phone. As it can be charged with the charger, along with a power bank and a USB data cable. Now we are telling you that the phone can also be charged from a coin. Do not believe me. A viral video can be made using a cone and some other elements charger. This charger works like a batch. This can be used to charge alarm clocks, LED lights and phones.

These things are used in the charger

– 5 coins of 5 rupees
Keep a cone card of Rs 5 on the board and mark it with pencil and cut the round shape with a scissors. Cut the can of such 10-12 card boards.
Take aluminum foil and fold it 3-4 times. Now, cut a rope of 5 rupees and cut it with a scissors.
Now pour the vinegar in the bowl and sink the card board. Again, keep a copy of the card board on the face of Rs 5. Foil loops on it
If you check it with voltmeter then the curtain of 0.587 will appear. Now create a set by connecting all of them.
Now paste it in 1-1 wire on both sides of the set. This set can also run an alarm clock.

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