Monday, 5 February 2018

This service will be closed, customers will be suffering from this loss

If you are a consumer of Reliance Geo this news is very important to you. The facility for geo users will be discontinued anytime. Customers will have to pay extra if this facility is not closed by the company.

Reliance Gio's prime subscribers receive all the features, including TV, cinema, news, magazines, and songs in the mobile. This facility for Prime Member will run till 31 March 2018. After that this facility may be discontinued or you may have to pay extra for the benefit of this facility.

However, this has not yet been officially announced by the Geo Company. But even though people are suspicious that the service can be closed after 31 March or it may be paying more money. However, among all this GEO customers are also happy.

Geo Prime customers will now get more 4G data, which will not give them even more money. People can take advantage of more data on Geo's January 26 Revolution Day. On the first 449 recharge, you got 1 GB data per day, which has now been increased.

Now you get a 94-day duration of up to 449 recharge, with 136.5 GB of data available. That means 1.5 GB per day data will be available.
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