Saturday, 3 February 2018

You will be surprised knowing the service charge of SBI, BOI, HDFC, ICICI Bank

Penalties Vulusva is also being discussed in the past few days due to the reduction of minimum balance by the banks. In the last few days, it was known that the country's largest public sector bank State Bank of India has received 1,771 crore penalties from consumers after going below balance from minimum balance within 8 months.

If you do not have a minimum balance of 3000 rupees by State Bank of India, and if it is reduced, Rs 50-30 + GST ​​is charged. After the 25 free check you will be charged 75 rupees + GST ​​on the check book for additional check. If you have a debit card, it is not free, but the annual fee of Rs 125 is charged. Apart from this, charges like cash transaction, SMS alerts, NEFT, RTGS are also levied in this manner.

You may have to pay with a GST of up to 150 rupees to Rs. 600 if you do not have a 10,000 min tenant in HDFC Bank. Even here, after the 25 free check, 75 + GST ​​has to be paid for an additional 25 check. For the use of a debit card, the bank charges an annual fee of 150 rupees from you. After the account holder gets 4 cash transaction free from the bank, 150 + GST ​​charge is levied. There are various charges on SMS alerts to RTGS.

If the amount in the account falls below Rs 10,000 by ICICI Bank then it may have to pay more than Rs. 100. When a check holder with 20 checks is given free of cost to the account holder by the ICICI bank, the charge is charged for additional check. There is a charge of 150 rupees in the year of use of a debit card. In the month, all transfers after the 4 free cash transactions are charged up to 150 rupees. ICICI Bank charges 15 rupees for SMS alerts.

Bank of Baroda is fined Rs 200 by the bank if the amount goes below 1000 in the account. First, 30-page check book is given free of charge by the bank, and then every check is charged at 5 rupees. An annual fee of 150 rupees is charged on the use of debit card. Here the bank gives its customers 5 cash transactions free of the month, while the next transaction is charged at rupees 50.
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